A Bold 2020

"For this little girl was quite different you see, she believed in herself, and all she could be"

When I wrote this poem on New Year's Eve 2019, the new year was so full of promise and hope, 2020 had a great ring to it and

the dawn of a new decade was exciting. I had lots of plans before me and it felt quite magical. 

I don't need to tell you that 2020 has been trickier than anyone foresaw, and I know that many people have had more than their fair share of adversity to cope with. For this reason, it feels a little odd to call the book 'A Bold 2020'. Yet also perfect to call the book 'A Bold 2020'

So here it is, and I hope that whatever you're dealing with, this short book might serve as a reminder to never stop dreaming, and to believe in yourself no matter what.

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The Poem inside reads:

Humpty Dumpty

Had a big fall,

But this little girl

Took no notice at all.


She needed no soldiers,

She needed no men,

She could pick herself up

And start over again.


For this little girl

Was quite different you see -

She believed in herself

And all she could be.


She’d come across books

In which heroes told tales

Of their efforts and passions

And spectacular fails.


The lights that we use

took 1000 tries,

Rockets crashed landed

Before reaching the skies.


So this little girl

had no fear to come last

She had peace in her heart

Possibilities vast.


She knew if she tried

That she might end up burnt

But her life would be filled

With the things that she learnt,


So she jumped in feet first

With gumption a plenty

And set her sights high

For a bold 2020.


A Bold 2020 MinibookCard

A Bold 2020 MinibookCard

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A Bold 2020


She Can She Did

March 11 2020

I had the pleasure of reading out my poem in front of an audience of wonderful ambitious women at an event by She Can She Did.

Excited and nervous to read it aloud, the applause at the end totally came out of nowhere and was just incredible. It

gives me goosebumps when I

watch it back. That noise just sounds like the energy of a room full of people with magical dreams.

People just like you.


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