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Copyright Lorna Gibson 2019

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© 2019 by Lorna Gibson

If you could meet Lorna, she'd greet you with a hug and a cup of tea

She'd want you to feel happy and at home, and that is the sense that you get from her art and stories, a feeling of warmth and a sense of belonging to her magical world.

You can't beat a red teacup, isn't that right, Mr Bear?

Stories and illustrations can leave you with a belief in magic that is so strong, that you will spend hours sitting in your wardrobe hoping that this will be the day you find Narnia. 

Those magical worlds can shape your future. Lorna always loved the wintry scenes of Narnia and went on to spend 10 years living in snowy mountains. (She eventually gave up on the wardrobe and booked a flight, but she still has hope!) 

'Those illustrations, those stories, they stay with you. 

That magic, those warm feelings, they stay with you. 

If I could do one job, it would be to make someone feel so warm and cosy and loved before they sleep, that they dream their own world of magic."

— Lorna 

Lorna works with traditional pencil sketches. She adds colour with coloured pencils, sometimes using touches of watercolour before she adds digital elements to her illustrations. 

Contact Me


I created an info@ address attempting  to be all businessy, but it'll just come through to me, I promise. Say hi - I'd love to hear from you, Lorna x

P.s.... I'm often on Instagram, so you can easily find me there via Dm too. 

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