An Elephant Called Arthur

An elephant called Arthur

Sat in the middle of the herd

And everybody stared at him

But no one said a word.

So next to all the elephants

He sat out on his own

Although they were so many

He had never felt so alone.


One pointed a trunk at him,

Remarked upon his ears

Told him they were far too big -

One of his deepest fears.

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Unbeknownst to Arthur

There was a bird sat on a rock

Who had also never quite belonged

In her judgy little flock.


They laughed at little birdy,

For when she sang she croaked

Much to their amusement

...And endlessly they joked.

Birdy had enough one day

And from her rock she flew.

Happy to fly solo.

Where there was no one that she knew.


Out across the big blue sky,

Merrily she soared.

Over where the tigers ran

And lions pounced and roared.


As her wings grew tired,

She settled in a tree.

And croaked away without a care

She’d never felt so free.


Just across the sandy plain

Some floppy ears pricked up

What was this new sound that he heard

He went to take a look.


Arthur left his herd behind

And wandered to the tree

He sat and listened to the bird

Who filled his heart with glee.


Once the song was finished

Birdy looked around.

Embarrassed that her song was heard

Afraid to make a sound.


But Arthur didn’t mock her

Or make a rude remark

He asked her to keep singing

And she sang till it went dark.


Birdy could quite believe

She’d waited for so long

To find a friend like Arthur

With ears to match her song

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