In a far away land

Which was sunny and dry

A boy looked up

And he stared at the sky


He’d been in it once

And his nose touched the stars

The waitress brought snacks

As they whizzed towards mars


At the end of a long night

Of flying through space

Was a chilly and frosty

Quite magical place


Where he played in the garden

Rode trains and ate treats

Where Granny read stories

And tickled his feet

With Grandad he’d sailed

across many a sea

without leaving their sofa

or spilling his tea

Josh thought of it fondly

As he stared at the moon

“Granny and Grandad

I'll visit you soon”

Josh's Rocket

But to get to their house

Meant a night in the sky

Which was worth it for cuddles

And slices of pie


But Josh didn’t know

How to get there himself

So he asked for advice

From his Bear on the shelf



‘Build your own rocket.

No biggie.” Said Bear

Josh had a think and

he played with his hair



He scouted his room

For some rockety stuff

He’d a box and a helmet

... “not sure that’s enough”


He rustled up doorknobs

And duvets and sheets

And soon enough Josh

Had a spaceship complete

‘Just one thing’ Josh asked

His good friend the Bear

‘Grandad grows veggies

And apples and pears’


I don’t want to flatten

His turnips or peas

Can I park on the lawn?

Is there room for the trees?


“What if I come along

I can help land the rocket

“Perfect” cried Josh

Stuffing snacks in his pocket.


I think we’ve got everything

Needed to fly

Are you ready then Bear?

Let’s take to the sky.

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