Mamma Moved Mountains

One day on the grass,

I lay bored on my own.

Nothing to do.

I was just stuck at home.

Mamma said kindly

“Be joyful and play.”

For she had moved mountains,

To make life this way.


She never gave in,

To impossible tasks.

My mum was a hero,

With no cape or a mask.

I think of my Mamma,

In all that I do.

When something seems big,

It is possible too.


I looked at the moon,

Big and round in the sky.

I wanted to go there,

But I couldn’t fly.

But mamma moved mountains,

So at least I could try.

And with books as my ladder,

My world moved up high.


The forest I’d heard of,

But I’d never known.

I dreamt of regrowing,

But not on my own.

But mamma moved mountains,

herself, all alone.

So one became thousands,

And look how they’ve grown.


A stranger was crying,

I didn’t know why.

And I thought to myself,

Well, what help am I?

But mamma moved mountains,

I had nothing to fear.

And I changed someone’s life,

With a smile and an ear.

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Copyright Lorna Gibson 2021

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