Once I'd imagined it, I couldn't stop thinking about making an animation. I taught myself to needlefelt and created some characters. I then started small with some 10 second simple animations which I shot on my Iphone. They gave me the confidence to jump in feet fitst and make the full film of Mr Bear's Christmas. 

When your sketches come to life


Here is a short interview with me about the making of the film, the things that inspired me to make it, the hurdles I overcame to make it happen and fun I had along the way


I couldn't have done this without the kindness of my parents who let me take up a room in their house with palettes and sets. And I was unbelievably lucky to have these two to help me as well ...


Meet Andy...

The beautiful soundtrack to Mr Bear's Christmas was composed and performed by Andrew Pickering. He used only the good notes, and made Mr Bear's Christmas come to life more than I could have ever imagined. 

Andy also did all of the sound editing for the film too. 

LIGHTING Dan helping me get set up for t

Meet Dan...

It turned out that I was living just around the corner from a lighting specialist who works on professional animations. He so very kindly offered to help me light the set and lent me his lighting equipment while I shot the film.  


Some photos and footage from behind the scenes and many happy memories

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