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Exciting news!

I have been so looking forwards to letting you in on what I've been working on this summer! When I first 'met' Mr Bear and Mouse after I commissioned a lady to needlefelt them for me, I had a different project in mind at that point. But as soon as I saw them come to life, I couldn't stop thinking about animating one of my stories.

Meet the needlefelted Mr Bear and Mouse for the first time

To make it work, I knew I needed more characters than just Mr Bear and Mouse, and it would have been expensive to get them all made with a wire frame inside to animate them. A chance conversation with a lovely friend who knew about needlefelting resulted in her persuading me to have a go. She was so confident that I'd be able to needlefelt the characters that she ordered me a starter kit online which arrived on my doorstep as a total surprise. I was so touched and jumped right in. She was right, it was totally doable and I really enjoyed it. I remade Mr Bear so that I could add in a wire armature, turn his head and things like that and I did the same for the rest of the characters too.

The character creation part was ok, the next part got a lot more complicated! Once I decided to go for it, I needed a set as well. At this point, my dream grew from a few needlefelted characters to taking over a room in my parent's house, blacking out the windows and building multiple full sets! I soon was needlefelting everything I could - I made a lamp, a table, Mr Bear's house, lanterns, walls, the lamppost, you name it, I poked it out of wool! I managed to create almost everything from wool, but I got stuck with the trees which I had to buy, - queue a very long day trawling garden centres and shops hoping to find out of season fake Christmas Foliage!

Making Mr Bear's House

This is just one part of the set which took a lot of thinking through how I could make it work! It was quite a large area to needlefelt too! I put a layer of bin bags in there too to block out the light from inside as well.

There have been so many hurdles to overcome so far, and I'm definitely not out of the woods yet! I have filmed most of the footage now, but have only just started editing it all together. I have zero experience with the software or how to edit a movie, so I'm currently watching many tutorials and doing my best to figure it out slowly but surely!

Inside the set of Mr Bear's House

Here is a little preview with some behind the scenes shots too, I can't wait to show you more very soon!

Love Lorna x

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