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Horrible Things

A poem about finding courage.

If I allow my mind to ponder

All the horrible scary things,

I’d never want to wander,

Never spread my wings.

I might hop around the garden,

Find a worm to chew.

But that’s not kind to insects -

What a horrible thing to do!

I could hop around the garden,

Just lie out in the sun,

But a cat might try to eat me -

And that would not be fun!

I could hide up in my bird’s nest,

Perhaps friends might visit me,

But I’d never see the world then,

I’d get bored so easily.

So I’ll pop out in the garden,

Be brave and go explore,

There’s a chance I might get eaten -

But the life I’ll live’s worth more.

I wanted to write this poem because I have always been a worrier - just the trailers for a Panorama documentary are enough to send me into a headspin, hehe! I remember a lovely friend of mine at school telling me that I was sensitive, which, I felt a bit worried about! I totally see the irony, it's a hilarious case in point, but at the time, I thought that was not a good thing to be. But I now appreciate the upsides of a sensitive mind, and it's only really lately that I'm recognising/accepting that that is a part of what makes me, me.

Stepping out of your comfort zone takes courage, even more so if you're prone to what-ifs. We're told that that is where the magic happens, and I totally believe that to be true. But there is also such a magic in the simple moments, the ones well within your comfort zone. Time spent with your loved ones, pjs on by the fire, watching a very happy and unscary film (probably PG/more likely U), chats, daydreams and bowls of custard. Although they don't get as much press as the big events, they're every bit as special. Its in these moments that you build your wings to fly.

Thank you for reading. As always, I would love to know what you think. If you know someone who'd enjoy reading this feel free to share.

Have a lovely week, Lorna x

P.S If you're interested to watch it, I have attached my process video below from creating Mr Robin. I don't often draw a whole piece on the iPad, but it's a lot of fun - especially when you can condense hours of drawing into a 30 second snippet!

P.P.S I'm going to stop overthinking what I wrote now & hit publish. Cheers, bye! x

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