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Mr Bear's Best Day

Things have changed so quickly worldwide over the past few weeks, especially in the last week. I have felt really lost for words. Although I've wanted to carry on posting as usual, because I think these things can be a source of cheer and joy, I felt totally stumped on where to start because carrying on regardless felt wrong, and adding to the noise also felt wrong. So I spent some time offline putting together a new story and some illustrations about Mr Bear's Best Day. The simplest pleasures always give the greatest of joys and I think the best thing about the pickle we find ourselves in just now is focusing on the smallest of pleasures in life wherever possible. I do hope that wherever you're reading this, it finds you well - mentally and physically - and that you're snuggled up with a loved one or two in this time of distancing. Hopefully this will all become a memory soon, but what will remain is the love of your friends, family and the simplest joys in life.

With love and hugs, Lorna x

Mr Bear woke up smiling

With a heart full of cheer

The storms had all passed

Which had left him in fear

As he pulled back the curtains

And saw a new day

Mr Bear felt so thankful

And joy came his way

He opened the window

Where the storm had been found

But today there were birds

And a beautiful sound

One sat on his paw

And wished him good day

Mr Bear whispered “thank you”

As the bird flew away.

He sauntered downstairs

And got out some bread,

Found his favourite cup

In his favourite red

How magic to wake up

Without any cares

A feeling to be cherished

And certainly shared

So he rustled up breakfast

For his favourite mouse

Who was still happily snoozing

In their cosy wee house.

Mr Bear made her tea

And a small slice of toast

Which he popped on a tray

Next to today’s piece of post

He tapped on the door

As mouse gently stirred

She’d smelt toast being made

And then footsteps were heard

She sat up in bed

And yawned with a smile

This was already the best day

That she’d had for a while

Mr Bear sat beside her

And they sipped on their tea

And spoke of their dreams

And what today could be

When breakfast was finished

They ventured outside

The two of them both

With a spring in their stride

They walked through the forest

And fields full of flowers

They lay in the sunshine

And chatted for hours

As they made their way home

Out wandering too

Were lots of their friends

And their group quickly grew

As they reached Mr Bear’s

The group hugged goodbye

Mr Bear glanced at Mouse

With a twinkly eye

Reluctant to finish

Their magical day,

Mr Bear and wee Mouse

Thought their friends should all stay

So they sat under the stars

Using logs as their seats

Told stories and jokes

With marshmallows and treats

They wished this great day

Wouldn’t come to end

But were thankful for love

And their wonderful friends.

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