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Mr Bear's Christmas

Welcome to the December blog post. Thank you so much for making 2019 such a magical year for me. I have so enjoyed writing these poems and blog posts each month.

I'll leave you to put on the kettle and enjoy reading this with a festive drink or two.

In the corner of the forest,

In a cosy, glowing house,

Lived the kindest Mr Bear

And his very best friend, mouse.

Mr bear had thought he lived alone,

Til mouse appeared one day,

They soon became the best of friends,

And mouse then chose to stay.

Mr Bear loves little more

Than breakfast in his bed,

And his scarf and shiny teacup,

In his favourite colour, red.

Some other things to tell you,

That Mr Bear loves most,

Are Christmas time and snowfall,

And letters in the post.

As winter fell and snow came down,

Mr Bear was thinking

He’d hold a feast for all his friends,

With merriment and drinking.

He headed out into the snow,

With lots of invitations.

Excitedly he posted them

And dreamt of celebrations.

The day before the winter’s feast,

Mr Bear was testing sherries.

While out into the snowy wood,

Mouse went hunting berries.

A storm came in with lots of snow

And mouse was soon quite lost.

No path to find or tracks to trace,

Her paws nipped by the frost.

As night drew in, mouse wasn’t home

And Mr Bear was worried.

He had to try and find her

Into the storm he hurried.

Mouse was nowhere to be seen

So sadly Bear went home.

He couldn’t bear to think of mouse

Out lost, at night, alone.

Mr bear had hardly slept.

The party was soon due.

He was busy baking mince pies

But his heavy heart felt blue.

Mouse had found a nice spot

Tucked underneath a tree.

Had nibbled lots of berries

And a robin made her tea.

As friends arrived at Mr Bear’s,

Concern grew in the house.

They couldn’t bear to celebrate,

Without their dear friend mouse.

Meanwhile mouse had spotted torchlight

And now knew which way to go!

Moving fast, mouse followed onwards

Finding footsteps in the snow.

The party was quite quiet

Though the mince pies were a treat.

Everyone was hoping

For the sound of tiny feet.

Outside the snow was sparkling

Mouse wasn’t far away

She could see the house all twinkly

As she hurried on her way.

It had never looked so cosy

As mouse walked towards the door.

There is just no place like home she thought,

I couldn’t ask for more.

Thank you for reading. With all my love this Christmas, from Lorna, Mr Bear, Mouse and everyone here at Toots HQ. May your Christmas wishes come true. x

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