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Mr Bear's day out

It's been a wonderful week, celebrating National Story Telling Week on social media. I promised to finish the week by sharing a brand new Mr Bear story, and so, without further ado... happy reading!

In the corner of the forest,

In the cosy glowing house,

Mr Bear was feeling restless.

And so was little mouse.

They hadn’t left the house for days,

Because of all the snow. So they’d not seen any friends.

And they’d had no place to go.

They sat beside the fireplace,

Mouse looked at Mr Bear.

“Could we go for an adventure?

Perhaps a day out at the fair?”

Mr Bear put down his tea He loved this bright idea.

’Let’s do it, mouse’ he smiled,

Restored with lots of cheer

Word got round to all their friends,

And soon they chose a day. They met up outside Mr Bear’s

And set off on their way.

As they all got closer They could see the glow of lights.

The muffled sound of music And the smell of sweet delights

They squealed with pure excitement,

And their little paws ran fast It was everything they’d dreamt of!

The day had come at last!

Mouse pointed at a carousel,

Lit up from head to toe.

With unicorns and teacups.

She had to have a go!

But the sign in front said “Fifty P”

...”Per person, for a ride”. Her paws felt in her pockets,

But no money was inside.

“Sorry, Mouse”, said Mr Bear,

It wasn’t meant to be. But badger had a thought

-Well… could they sing for 50p?

Their eyes lit up, for it might work.

They all knew how to sing. If we sung out loud together,

Some pennies it might bring.

They huddled round the shiny gate

And sung out loud with glee A crowd had formed to hear them

And they got a 50p!

Mr Bear looked down at Mouse

“Let’s go and find your ride!" But mouse was not so keen without her best friends by her side.

So they carried on their merry song

And soon they had enough.

And they turned out all their pockets

With their fifty Ps and fluff

They all jumped on and what a ride

The carousel would be. They flew on magic unicorns And twirled in cups of tea

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