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Never underestimate your power to brighten someone's day.

I was saving this for a rainy day, but it's raining today, and with the news of another life taken by suicide, I felt it was a good time to share this little story of friendship, love and kindness, because there can never be too much of that. So, here you go this stormy Sunday. Never underestimate your power to brighten someone's day. x

Mouse had felt a little blue

She didn’t want to talk.

So she popped her little jacket on

And went out for a walk.

The rain was falling heavily,

It had done for a while.

Perhaps this was the reason

That Mouse had lost her smile.

She wandered through the forest

The fresh air felt quite nice.

Her paws got wet in puddles

But it sort of felt quite nice.

Mr Bear was worried

For Mouse had left her tea,

He’d only heard the door shut

And wondered where she’d be.

He fetched his big umbrella

Which had room enough for two

As he closed the door behind him

He hoped to find a clue.

In the muddy puddles

Were tracks to trace galore

So many little imprints

Of Mouse’s tiny paws.

Mr Bear just followed

Until the pawprints were no more

And there was his beloved Mouse

Who looked up from the floor.

Mr Bear said nothing

But sat beside his friend

He put up his umbrella

And he made a little den.

Although they sat in silence,

They didn’t say a word

Mouse knew that just by sitting there

Her little heart was heard.

Mr Bear produced a picnic

Which they ate upon their knees

With cakes and tea and Mr Bear

Brought Mouse’s favourite cheese.

Mouse was greatly cheered by this

And nibbled on her cheese

Mr Bear would never fail

To put her mind at ease.

They munched away in silence

While the rain dropped up above

The weather hadn’t changed at all

But Mouse was filled with love

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