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"Ollie loves dinosaurs" and other custom illustrations.

My clients are often a little sheepish when they approach me about custom illustrations and share their ideas with me. But for me, this is one of my favourite parts of the process. I LOVE hearing the stories behind the nickname for their loved one, or the reason their aunty loves mice, or finding out what makes a 3 year old's eyes light up, it is what sets my mind racing into creative mode. One of the sweetest moments was being sent a video of a three year old describing all the superheroes he admired.

I feel honoured to be let into this part of someone's life and it's a pleasure to be able to create something so meaningful.

If you'd like to have an illustration created for someone, email me at info@tootsdesign.co.uk for more info.

Ollie Loves Dinosaurs

Ollie Loves Dinosaurs.

A Christmas gift for Ollie.

I'm a superhero and my name is Albi

Albi loves superheros. And this one was based on his actual room too.

A Christmas gift for Albi.

Iris, Agnes, Ducky & Lucy's Tea Party

Iris & Agnes are sisters, they have a doll called Lucy with slightly crazy hair which we wanted to keep in.

Agnes has a duck called 'Ducky' who also features at the tea party. The girls both learnt to ski this year and love the snow, so I made it a winter scene. (I love snow too, so this was easy for me!)

A magical Christmas gift for Agnes & Iris.

Isla & Mr Cheetah Go To the Park

For the poem 'I am I Say' by Sabrina Mahfouz

Isla loves Cheetahs.

A sixth birthday gift for Isla.

Bear and Bird

For a beautiful poem by the talented Sabrina Mahfouz - "I Am I Say" featuring the words "let my roots roam with the bugs"

He is Bear. And she is Bird.

An anniversary gift.

Amelia loves the swings.

She also loves her blue bike.

Liz loves mice. Every detail has a story here. The camera, the football, the Spanish dress, the military hat, the baguette, the toy dogs, the heron & the pond, the dancing and the even.... the Macdonald's chips!

A 60th birthday gift for Liz.

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