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Some days I feel so much pressure to be magical

We feel pressure to “wake up like this”,

To have it all together.

But life won’t work to schedules

Can’t be forced. Just like the weather.

The job, the house, the boy, the girl,

The ring, the pram - then two.

And then if you have a third one then it’s “Was it what you meant to do?”

So many quotes say ‘Don’t Give Up’

but plans can go astray

So you can feel like twice the failure

if you chose to walk away.

Try not to rush to have it all,

For what happens when you do

Is you miss out all the magic.

in the time spent being you.

Don't give up!... Unless you want to.

I love motivational quotes - I have a folder of them saved in my desktop. They have helped me through some difficult exams and challenging times in my life. But when I wanted to change direction before I had succeeded at one of my biggest goals, I couldn't find any quotes that say, it's really OK to walk away too.

The phrase "she can she did" used to ring in my ears in case being unable to tick the "she did" box meant that I had somehow let the side down, being more "she could she didn't".

With perfect timing, I found a postcard which read "she believed she could so she didn't" and I kept that in my bedside drawer as a reminder that I was free to make choices and not beholden to chasing 'success'. Success, much like beauty, is such a subjective thing, hence why I put the word in inverted commas. Often at social events the stock questions focus on marriage/kids/your job. It can be easy to feel pressure to measure up and if any (or all!) of those parts of your life aren't quite the way you hoped, it can leave you stumped for responses. But I've definitely learnt that often the outcomes you chase don't make you nearly as happy as the unexpected giggles you have along the way and that those stories make for much more entertaining small talk conversations too. It is much easier said than done, but embrace where you're at, and don't miss a moment of today chasing tomorrow too much. Enjoy all that it is, and all that you are. You're perfect already, just as you are.

If you need a little reminder of what a legend you already are - this illustration is available as a print just here

Thanks for reading, Lorna x

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