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The loft hatch sprung open

I can't deny, and you probably have guessed it already, but I am highly sentimental! And Christmas sparks some of the biggest attachements to happy memories for me. Decorations often serve as a physical connection to Christmases gone by, so my favourites are often the ones I've had in my life the longest. My Mum used to decorate the house for Christmas overnight while me and my sister were asleep. It was the best thing! One day, you'd wake up and come out to a house filled with tinsel and the smell of the Christmas tree. Absolute magic. I know tinsel had a phase - maybe it still does?! - where it was a bit unloved, but it's always been a Christmas essential for me and it still makes me so happy.

I love that every decoration has a story and a memory and that's what makes them special to me. I always feel a pang of guilt to put them away in a box for a year, much like a stuffed toy, they seem to have a personality of their own. And so putting them away for another year, I drifted off to wondering what they get up to while they're in the loft which inspired this year's Christmas card illustration and a little story to go with it!

The loft hatch had opened

We were jolted awake

It was that time of year

There could be no mistake

We yawned and we twinkled

Sat up straight in the tray

All ready to brighten

A new Christmas Day

The box started moving

The hallway glowed bright

It dazzled our eyes

For so long spent at night

“The tree!” Said the Baubles!

Ooh look, it’s so big!

It’s perfect cried Tinsel

Who’d grown bare like a twig.

But alas they looked over

And with horror they saw

A new box of baubles

New tinsel - and more!

We’ll all go up surely!

Don’t worry, said Star.

With her three friends the Wise Men

They’d traveled so far.

But alas star glanced over

And what did she she?

A new blinkin fairy

To top off the tree.

They sat and they waited

But no one was picked

A hand rummaged round

As the clock gently ticked

Meanwhile shiny new baubles

Were going up fast

We were always picked first

But now we were last.

No matter said Tinsel

Still full of his cheer

Downstairs might not want us

But we’ll twinkle up here

So they jumped out of boxes

And wrapped around beams

They lit up the loft

And with magic it gleamed

The train started puffing

A record went on

And they danced and caused mischief

And sparkled and shone.

They soon forgot all

About boring downstairs

They were having such fun

So were caught unawares

When the loft hatch sprung open

And up popped a face

Shocked to see tree decs

All over the place

What makes the perfect Christmas decorations? Just love.

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