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The Spider and Me

Hello beautiful people. I wrote a little poem about fear. I am not great with spiders, historically I'm really not great with spiders. I used to like them in the garden, but I held a tarantula age 5 and it totally freaked me out! My sister lives in Australia, and I knew I needed to get a little better with them. Not only that, but I genuinely believe that all animals deserve love, even the little ones, even the scary ones, even the bitey ones. I decided I needed to see spiders as a friend, not something to fear, and I think the same goes for all fear, the more you befriend it, the less it can bother you. I'd love to hear what you think! With love, Lorna x

The spider and me.

Rabbit was sat in the grass

With a tea

When a spider crawled out

From a rock, suddenly.

'Yikes', said the rabbit.

For spiders were scary,

They look at you funny

And they’re always so hairy.

For a while he pretended

That the bug wasn’t there,

That everything’s fine,

That he just didn’t care.

But try as he might,

he couldn’t forget,

That the spider was staring,

And hadn’t moved yet.

Rabbit forgot

He’d had quite a nice day.

The spider had ruined it,

Got in his way.

The more rabbit worried,

It was all he could think.

And the spider grew bigger,

As Rabbit started to shrink.

Rabbit jumped up,

And he started to run.

But the spider just followed,

A chase had begun

Rabbit was shrinking,

As the spider just grew.

Why this was happening?

What should he do?

The spider cast a shadow,

Big black and dark.

Everything seemed scary,

Even the park

Try as he might,

To search for the sun,

Wherever he went,

The spider would come.

Frightened and scared,

He hid by a tree,

Why was this spider,

Still following me?

Safe by the tree,

He sat down for a while.

He took a deep breath,

And ventured a smile.

Be brave, thought the rabbit,

He means you no harm.

Not his big scary eyes,

Or gangly arms.

He peered round the tree,

Praying he’d gone.

But those big scary eyes,

Like two moons they shone.

Well, I’ve sat here for ages,

He’s done me no harm.

Perhaps its ok,

No need for alarm.

Rabbit stood up,

And peered round the trunk,

Of the tree, which was huge,

Now that rabbit had shrunk.

The spider was there.

Big and black, like the sky.

Rabbit was brave,

Looked up and said ‘hi’.

The spider smiled back,

And ventured a wave,

With a gangly leg, And said,

‘hi, my name’s Dave.’

Rabbit was shocked,

Didn’t know that he spoke,

Then they sat and they chatted,

Shared stories and jokes.

And rabbit then saw,

Dave was not quite so scary.

As he’d thought earlier on,

All leggy and hairy.

Rabbit thought to himself,

Since he’s still here with me,

Perhaps he should come,

Back to my house for tea?

But there was only one problem,

His house was so small,

And the spider had grown,

So impossibly tall.

Got it! thought rabbit,

I know what I’ll do,

You stay right here,

I’ll bring tea to you.

While hopping back home,

To fetch Dave a nice drink,

Rabbit grew taller,

As Dave started to shrink.

It was strange how that happened,

Rabbit didn’t know why,

But the flowers came back,

And some blue in the sky.

The kettle was boiled,

Rabbit Brought out some cake,

And returned to find Dave,

Like a tiny snowflake.

Rabbit had learnt,

He’d had nothing to fear.

Dave was small all along,

It was only his fear.

Rabbit felt happy,

Enjoying his tea.

With Dave by his side,

In good company.

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