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I had been pondering a way to get some models of my characters so that I could have a little play about with some animation. Last week I contacted a lady who was able to create similar animals from people's pet photos, so I emailed her a couple of illustrations of Mr Bear and Mouse and asked if she could do the same thing with them. She sort of giggled at the proposal and was surprised that it wasn't the usual dog photo being sent in, but said she'd give it a go! She turned it around so quickly and within a couple of days of asking, a parcel was on my doorstep and I couldn't have been happier to open it to find Mr Bear and little Mouse right there before my eyes.

Whenever I have an idea, I usually want it done by yesterday, so I couldn't wait to have a little go at Stop Motion animation with them. I started with Mouse who was a little easier to move about. With a basic tripod and my iPhone, I spent my Sunday afternoon creating this little scene on my bedside table with Mouse sliding down my teapot lamp into a cup of tea. My hand made an appearance once or twice but I was able to crop it out since it was high up. It was really tricky taking pictures and getting Mouse to stay put long enough to press the button, but Mouse was very co-operative, and her only demands were a cup of tea backstage. ☕️

I am definitely dreaming up ideas for some more animations and it's something I would love to make time for. During lockdown, I have been really fortunate that I've been able to continue work with illustration commissions still coming in and other projects I had going already, but there have definitely been days where my brain has felt really fuzzy, sort of like the fluff Mr Bear is made of. So, having something new and creative to switch to has felt like a welcome change of scene at home.

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