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You are loved, just as you are.

Working in the fitness industry for a little while, I always struggled watching people pin their world onto the 'after' photo - good enough now, loveable, accepted. I always wished I could find a way to show some kindness to the person in the before photo. Watching someone's face drop as they saw the number on the scales, watching them worry about how they'd be perceived at events and holidays. Chat of bikini bodies made me want to run for the hills. Given the choice, I'd have thrown the scales out of the window, and encouraged people to train for how they wanted to feel -stronger, fitter, more energised. I hated watching someone try to outrun a body part they didn't like. With a quick scan of instagram, it's so easy to be dragged into thinking you need to look a certain way after seeing a couple of 'perfect' images. I hugely admire the celebrities who fight back by sharing unedited images of themselves.

I have never been grateful for a friend because they've got a perfect body or dated someone because of their flawless skin. And thankfully, other people have been the same for me too. Because, well, I have neither!! Happy Valentines day, I hope that you feel loved, just the way you are.

We feel like we should measure up

To find a man or wife.

But that’s just wasted pressure

In this fleeting thing called life.

If you feel like a before photo

You’ll always be my after

The thing which I love most Is

when you burst with happy laughter

I care not if you are squidgy

Nor what the scales say

For you being 2 pounds lighter

Will never make my day

No filter could be better

Than the sunlight on your cheeks

The sparkle in your eyes as we

Both face a brand new week.

And lying down beside you

While we snuggle in the night

You couldn’t be more perfect

I should know, I’m always right.

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